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Yoga Training

“Yoga has no definition. Yoga is different things to different people.” 

From the short film, Enlighten Up, the main cast, Nick Rosen’s journey to understand the  concept of yoga was very insightful for me. 

Being in a yoga teacher training now, I am precisely in his shoes at this moment as I study  yoga and try to wrap my mind around what it all means. At the end of the film, his trip to India,  a guru spoke, and two statements connected with me: 

Get It Now

“More thoughts for the inside and less for the outside.” 

“Happiness is not outside, it is within…” 

I am kind of getting that now. 

When I was doing a yoga teacher training in Vancouver my body felt  better and my mind slowed down  from the everyday racing, and like Nick in the video, I am suddenly compelled to spend more  time with my family.  

Is this because of studying the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga

Immersing myself in the  practice of yoga, I feel more compassionate in situations that I would otherwise overlook.  

The Question

The Enlightenment question is not something I can accurately answer. I can’t put into words  what I am trying to say. 

Perhaps like yoga, the notion of Enlightenment is different things to  different people. The deeper one becomes immersed in yoga’s spiritual side, the stronger the  connection to their own Enlightenment. 


This could be a bit of Bhakti Yoga, where we feel those  unconditional feelings of love and devotion to life.  

Yoga teacher training gives everyone what they need and what they are looking for.  

I am starting to see yoga like that comfortable chair in the corner, where you can unwind from  your mind and your day to simply breathe and let go. 


And when you connect that with yoga  practice’s physical movements and acknowledge gratitude and reflection, your soul feels  enlightened.  

I will share that watching the Enlighten Up video made me realize my hearing loss is one tiny  factor in me not understanding yoga. Instead, yoga is far more complex than I realized. I am  only getting my feet wet, so to speak.