Three Words

Three words come to mind when I contemplate what yoga is to me at this point in time. In no sequential order yoga is, calm, balance, and connection. 

As a teacher of behavioral students in Vancouver (doing a yoga teacher training) during the current COVID-19 pandemic I see more than ever the need to enhance a sense of internal calm during this unprecedented time filled with constant unknowns. 


We are living in a time that is consumed with daily concerns over our health and wellbeing.  And more specifically our mental health. Each day the media portrays negative images of things going on in the world causing. This undue distress where it is not needed.

Yoga creates calm in moments of uncertainty, stress and chaos. By becoming present in the moment through yoga, and acknowledging one’s internal thoughts and feelings, students can create their own sense of calm. 

Within this sense of calm, clarity about one’s situation and the role and control that they have over their own life.

Feeling calm can influence one’s level of patience, and their ability to slow down and consider the best choice. 

This process of slowing down and remaining calm is so important, especially with the high needs children whom I work with, who suffer from daily bouts of impulsive behaviours, which disrupt their lives. 


With the sense of calm one can achieve balance. When I think of yoga and balance, I see a correlation among one’s mental, emotional, and physical state. 

To achieve balance, one cannot focus on one area without ensuring that the other areas needs are being met as well. During yoga, the body and the mind are engaged simultaneously. As a result, your mental, emotional and physical well-being are all being met. 

This balance carries on after the yoga session allowing balance to be brought forth into our lives. 

The time of introspection during yoga can be reflected once the yoga practice is over with the student setting goals for themselves, which will balance their needs and provide guidance to achieve this. 


Like balance, yoga allows the student to become more connected with their mind and body. 

For example, we all experience our own personal stressors. Sometimes these stressors affect us emotionally, while other times we physically feel the pain in our bodies from the stress. 

Yoga can allow students to connect to this stress and work through the pain in a gentle manner. Yoga allows for connection in that the student is taking time for personal care, which if done on a consistent basis will lead to better overall health and wellbeing. 

To Reiterate

Yoga is a combination of calm, balance and connection. By allowing yoga into our daily lives we are making the choice to be the best person that we can be for ourselves and for others.