The technology of slowing the mind to a place of stillness in order to embrace the infinite connection to our true nature. This is my basic interpretation of what Yoga is. 

Although, Yoga is much more layered than the philosophy itself.  However, that is something that takes experience in Yoga to fully understand. 

There are many philosophies in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and an abundance of teachings from many other wise Yogi’s across the globe – from Vancouver to Moscow – we can learn from doing yoga class or yoga teacher training


Along with philosophy to open and expand the human perception, there is pranayama technology. Otherwise known as breathing techniques to open and cleanse specific channels of energy within the body/mind. 

Expanding upon the breath, using it to create movement in the body, through specifically designed postures that open up the energy channels and fill it with life force energy from the breath. 

As the breath drives the movement of the body it opens up all of the energy channels in preparation for meditation


Meditation is quietly and gently stilling the body/mind into a profoundly deep state of Yoga with creation. 

From reading the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, I feel that the Yogic philosophies are techniques designed to expand the mind and open the heart. 

This expansion and openness will directly or indirectly flow down the river of understanding. This will leads to one’s true self and relationship with creation. 

The meaning of the word Yoga is “Union”. Using the knowledge and combining it with awareness of breath(or life force energy) that animates the mind/body. 

We can still the mind to ride the breath as it moves from physical to non physical. 


The human existence on planet Earth is a beautiful process of growing to understand our connection with life. 

According to Patanjali, our three layers of Karma are a part of our life experiences. Some of these karmas are brought forth from previous incarnations or from this life and may reside now in the body, causing some sort of health imbalance. 

Through the practice of physical Yoga we can cleanse the energy channels which create alignment and balance in the body/mind. The ability to lull the mind/body with the breath into 

Yoga during Asana or Kriya practices allows us to be able to reach a state of Yoga in any moment of life.


Once the energy channels in the body/mind have been cleansed and aligned. This is through Asana or Kriya practices, we can settle into a longer meditation or Yoga with our true nature. 

We can release the attachment to the maya and take the journey inward to relax into the gentle absorption of awareness of our true nature. 


This is where unconditional love lives with it’s friends peace, joy, understanding, connectedness, wisdom, happiness and so much more.

Yoga is a oneness with our divine creator. We have many pieces of Yoga technology designed to help us release the hold we have on the finite nature and relax into unconditional love with the infinite nature of creation.