Yoga  is an exercise that helps people with strength and flexibility.  It is good for breathing proactive and focusing. These are things I have always thought about yoga.


After watching Yoga Is, I realize that yoga is so much more. It is what you want it to be for you no one can tell you want you or what it should be to you. 

There is an ideal of what you can achieve from yoga, enlightenment, knowing your purpose and peace. Yoga is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual practice that came from India.


Be it that  you take a 200 hour online or 200 hour yoga teacher training in person (or even  a 300 hour), yoga is a practice that is good for strength and flexibility. If practiced consciously it helps your body move better, build strength, fitness and continues growth. 

Regardless of where you live, be it Vancouver or Berlin, for some people it is a physical way to practice movements, so that they can keep their strength and flexibility. 

I find in modern yoga this is the focus of most people who go to yoga, at their gyms, online or in studios, they wear their cute yoga clothes and go practice, which still has a purpose, but not true or it’s original form.


Yoga for others can also be for meditation and mindfulness, it is a place to gain inner peace through the practice of meditation and the practice of yoga. 

The practice of yoga allows you to empty your mind and work on finding peace. When you are able to do that you reduce your stress and anxiety.

This helps your body to be healthier and happier. Through meditation you are able to practice emptying your mind and finding inner peace. This practice requires extensive work, dedication and motivation to achieve.


Yoga can be a spiritual practice for some, by working on mindfulness. For some people this is their spiritual practice. This is how they stay healthy in their mind, through following a spiritual path that yoga is part of. It is similar to pray in other religions. 

Yoga is not a religion, but can be used to strengthen faith and religious beliefs. Yoga as a spiritual practice helps make their faith stronger.


I want to practice yoga for all the benefits that it provides. I want to keep my strength, and flexibility, that is why I started practicing yoga

Through regular practice I have tried to expand to the more mindfulness side of the practice. I am trying to incorporate more meditation into my practice to find inner peace and mindfulness. 

I find it hard to quiet my mind and use this regular practice to learn how to achieve this. It allows me to work more on focusing in yoga and the benefits or it.

As in the video I need to find my truth, what I am trying to achieve in life, what I want to find. I want to learn the most I can about Yoga and achieve all that I am able to from practicing yoga in my everyday life. I look forward to this journey or growth and strength. I hope to find out more about myself.