It Started With A yoga Teacher Training

I describe Yoga in a few words, I would say that Yoga is a tool that gives me access to a deeper place within myself. 

I started practising meditation and did a yoga teacher training on a regular basis 2 years ago, I have experienced many changes within myself. 


When I arrived in Vancouver 3 years ago, I was not really positive in life in general. I had been dealing with stress, anxiety, and unworthiness for a long time. 

I was not a spiritual person, but I remember thinking at that time that I needed to connect to something deeper. I didn’t know what it meant, I just felt the possibility of something deeper. 

Yoga and meditation have been the way to make this connection. 


One day in a deep meditative state, I saw that I was something deeper than my thoughts and my body. A shift happened in my mind. 

Since then, I am not so identified with my thoughts, I am able to let go of more and more beliefs about myself, others and the world in general. 

I feel more grounded. I know that what I was looking for so desperately outside of myself is within. There is another way to live my life which is simpler and more connected. 


When things get complicated in my mind, I am now able to pause, relax and let it go by remembering not to take things too seriously. 

These are just thoughts! There is this freedom to choose not to be involved with thoughts and let go of negative tendencies. I came to realize that my attachments to things outside of me were creating suffering. 

At some point, however, I realized that I was trying to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions as soon as they were arising instead of welcoming them. 

I have noticed that since I started Yoga 3 months ago, I have been more and more able to accept these negative states of mind and even be compassionate towards them. I feel generally more relaxed. 

Self Centered

I am less self-centred and as a result feel more connected to others, I’m thinking more and more about helping others which gives more meaning to my life. 

Yoga is also a great physical exercise. My body is more flexible and stronger, I feel that I have more energy since I started. 


Yoga is a tool of transformation and everything happens naturally. During Yoga, I try to stay connected to my body. During meditation, I focus on this still and calm place deep inside me. 

During the day, I try to stay present as much as I can and notice how things are changing in my mind. 

I am more attuned to what’s going on in my body, how I feel. I notice my breath more easily and it helps me to anchor in the present moment. 

My journey has just begun but a lot of things have changed. I am grateful to be on the right path. 

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