Yoga to me is consciously connecting my breath, body and mind.  It is the discovery and the expression of self. I can feel that my practice evolves as the connection of my mind, body and spirit strengthens with time. 

I notice myself being more engaged, meditating longer and breathing deeper each day, as I come to my mat. To me, these are all essential factors when growing your connection and identity in the yoga practice. But yoga can be so much more for a person.     


In a constant world where life’s demands seem inevitable, yoga teaches us how to slow down and appreciate the present moment. 

Yoga has helped me connect with myself and has given me the necessary tools to re-channel negative energy and frustration into something positive. 

Practicing yoga is not only a form of physical activity that is good for your body and its physiological functions, it is also therapeutic for the mind and soul. 


For example, yoga has shown me a way to re-center and has taught me breathing techniques that help me on and off the mat. Instead of coming to my mat to become more flexible or to get a workout in, I now also come to my mat for the purpose of self-exploration and connection. 

In my yoga teacher training  I took in Vancouver, I learned patience through practice and have been granted the opportunity to get in touch with myself to develop and enhance a mind, body and spirit connection through yoga. This is what yoga has done for me.     

In addition to helping form a better relationship with oneself, yoga also provides people with both a sense of purpose and community. 


There is the obvious, that you go to a social place such as the gym and you find like minded people to practice with. You can find others who are looking to get the same experience out of yoga and yoga also gives you something to do and be passionate about.

Finally, I would like to add the fact that yoga helps ground a person – both figuratively and literally. It helps a person understand and grow their soul but it also helps a person to be more aware and in tune with their surroundings. 

One with the earth  is such a valuable thing in this day and age. It helps an individual be aware of its earthly surroundings instead of always being caught up in the chaos of the evolution of the world.  

In Summary

In sum, through yoga, I have felt fulfillment in parts of my life when chaos was unavoidable, I have gained a better sense of self whether it be physical or spiritual, a better sense of community and I felt connected to my place in the world around me. 

Energy, passion and connection are the most valuable things there are and yoga has truly helped me come to this realization. This is what yoga has offered me and I am living proof of its results!