When I talk to others in my yoga teacher training in Vancouver, most people immediately think of yoga as some physical practices for stretching and stress reduction. 

This is one aspect of the yogic science, But actually only a very small part and relatively recent I development. 


The physical yoga, or Hatha yoga, was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of yoga. So the actual meaning of yoga is the science of mind. 

Traditionally, the word yoga by itself refers to Raja yoga, the mental science. With the current burgeoning of interest in expanding consciousness and in mental science in general. It is natural that we turn to Raja yoga. 

There are of course many western approaches to the study and control of mind, each advancing various different concepts and techniques. 


For thousands of years the yogis have probed the mysteries of the mind and consciousness. And we may well discover that some of their findings are applicable to our own search as well. 

As a modern person who lives in the city, we have a lot of desires, both forexternal richness and for spiritual freedom. In the field of growth, some people are in favor of treatment and solving, and some people are deeply troubled by a variety of problems, and it is difficult to know that it is easy to know. 


Meditation in yoga is a way to deeply reflect on the self and release the soul, attracting and scrutinizing more and more confused soul in the city. Meditation, listen to the inner voice. 

lt will guide itself into the land. Meditation is one of the best techniques in yoga and way to achieve it. The ultimate goal of all true and innocent yoga meditation is to lead people to the realm of liberation. 


According to Indian legend, yoga was spread in Himalayas as early as 7,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the word YOGA , which means connecting and connecting. lt is a method of concentrating consciousness in order to achieve meditation. 

The true meaning of yoga meditation is to completely focus on the heart, mind and spirit in the beginning of the original. 


Breathing is an important matter with yoga practice. 

Yoga breathing method is to effectively massage the internal organs though various breathing methods, stimulate the benign secretion of various physiological glands, activate potential strength, better cleanse the body, and lay the foundation for more advanced spiritual cultivation and spiritual development. 


Yoga breathing can increase blood circulation, and massage the internal organs through the large and vertical movement of the diaphragm to discharge of our body and purify the internal environment from the inside to outside. 

Every practice yoga breathing, you will get peace of mind and the comfort of your whole body.

After practice yoga with deep breath, Meditation and yoga relaxation music make you could fell so relaxing and calm your mind .That is yoga benefit.