Our soul is our true nature, who you are at the core level.  The soul is composed of energy that moves us, shakes us and even that quiet whisper when we need guidance.  

I believe it’s our soul that provides us with direction, that little voice inside all of us that speaks to us when we need it.  I gained this perspective from my first yoga teacher training course in Vancouver.

I believe the idea that our soul is forever evolving; when it comes to us it is carrying the weight of all we have lived, loved, and learned in our past lives. It is up to wade through all of that, let go of what no longer serves us, and nurture what does. 


To me personally that connection with my soul is that warm, cushy feeling. I find that I am able to connect with it though meditations, through my practice on occasion and even through my dreams.  

It’s our job to nourish our soul, feed it in a sense and that can be done so by integrating a spiritual component into our lives.  

I found through my yoga practice I was able to connect with my life force, that true energy, my soul. 


I truly believe that by being who we are authentically, finding that truth within us, we are connecting with our soul.   And this connection to our soul is an ongoing journey, can take lifetimes in a sense. 

And when we make connections with our soul, that doesn’t mean that’s the end, even if we’ve had that enlightening experience. There are still layers and layers of deepening and expanding that can be done.   


Some loose connection with their soul due to extrinsic factors, trauma for example. And it’s almost as if the soul becomes barricaded behind a walk of pain, grief etc. 

People that experience this become totally disconnected from the warmth and compassion of the soul. They may stay stuck in these feelings, but some make an effort to become unstuck and reconnect with their soul through Yoga, Meditation and other fulfilling activities. 

I can think of times and events in my life that I have felt lost- this idea of being a lost soul. But when I really put in the effort, remind myself of the beauty that comes when I am in full connection with my soul, I am able, over time to reconnect and find that fulfilling feeling.  


When  you ask most people if they are connected to their soul,  the answer is usually “No”, or “I Don’t know.“ A majority of people are disconnected to that part of themselves?  Yoga and yoga teacher training can change that.