Enlightenment for me means being “woken up”. Sometimes it can be hard to acknowledge or accept that you need to make changes in your life and it takes enlightenment for that to happen. 

Enlightenment should be a big and lasting change in your life, it should completely shift your point of view and bring more positivity into your life.


In my yoga teacher training – that I took in Vancouver – brought me great enlightenment because it has taught me how to think and reflect on my own actions and inner thoughts. I’ve become more positive and open minded, which I think also relates to enlightenment because being enlightened means being accepting and understanding that everyone has different paths, interests and goals. 

I try to be accepting of everyone, I really do; I try to make the best decisions and I know my lifestyle may not be accepted by everyone but I don’t think that is fair or justified because I am a good mother, wife, and friend and I would like to think I am a good person too.


I think society in general could use some enlightenment. There is so much anger and hatred in our world and it creates nothing but toxic energy and violence. 

As we all know, there are many different lifestyles than there once was, and as far as I can tell, many people are choosing to be close minded and unaccepting simply because they don’t understand other people’s choices. 

If people would seek out enlightenment and choose to accept others our society would be happier. Enlightenment leads to happiness and peace within yourself and others around you.


Personally, I would love to become more enlightened spiritually because I relate to Nick in the video when he talked about how he only wants to believe in things he can actually prove and feel; I am very similar. 

I have never believed in a “god” or a higher power that could control my fate. I have a very practical mind. 

I am just starting to understand the weight and power of the universe and energies, and I am also starting to see the effects of different energies and affirmations in my own daily life which has really peaked my interest in becoming more spiritually enlightened. 

I’m trying to surround myself with people who are willing to grow and expand their way of thinking and really immerse myself in yoga in order to gain the most enlightenment I can.