Not Just A Bunch Of Poses

If you’re In Vancouver reading this confused and thinking Yoga is just a bunch of poses then you may be surprised at what you’re about to read.

Yoga (and yoga teacher training (ytt) is an ancient system of knowledge tailored for the ultimate goal of unifying the individual with the greater universe. This can look like different things to different Yogis, but for most it rests on a single core teaching of Yoga; Wholeness.

Deep in the Yogic texts of the Upanishads it is revealed that the essence of a human is Atman; a soul or spirit. The nature of the universe is Brahman, or The supreme Consciousness.

These, it is revealed, are not distinct things; rather the individual and the Supreme are one. In fact, all life and every part of this universe is intimately connected as pieces of one larger tapestry.


When deepening ones Yoga practice beyond the physical postures an evolution in consciousness begins.

A substantial increase in self-awareness develops through the practices of meditation and self reflection, giving you a clearer vision of your own nature. When one sees ones nature in its purest and simplest form the wisdom of the Yogic teachings is validated.

The nature of oneself is not different than the nature of all things. Upon realizing this to even a fraction of its fullest potential, a deep love and compassion emerges. How could hate exist for anything if all things are crafted from the same essence as you?

What Is Love

To hate, or judge another is to ultimately cast that upon yourself. We as humans earn for love, and so in seeing our unity we begin to love, as it brings up more love as a consequence.

In Sum

Many Yogis will turn to Vegetarian or Vegan diets further into their journey as they begin to see the Atman within all living creatures.

This is not necessary, but very common. What does it mean when they say Yoga is all about love? Well, it means that Yoga, at its essence, shows us why and how we can love at out deepest.