I live in Vancouver BC , but regardless of where you live, I think this is something we ask ourselves a lot, especially if we have been raised  with a religious background. 

As I do believe in the soul, I am not sure what that is about.  As the souls is not a concrete item like our heart, lungs etc. that we can see,  hear or touch. It is harder for us to believe in. However, it is a vital part of our  existence and our after life.  


The soul in religious sectors is our conscious; it is what makes us a good person. It  helps us choose between good and evil. 

Our soul is the most important part of our  body; our bodies are just the temples for the soul. When we die, it is our soul that  goes to heaven or hell.  Our soul is the core of our religious beliefs.  

Religion makes  keeping the soul safe a negative aspect; while in yoga or yoga teacher training its more positive.  We need to refrain from evil deeds to  protect the soul.  The soul is the only important part of our lives, nothing else  matters.  

Mind Body

The soul is our conscious that is part of our body and mind. It is the spirit in our  bodies that is about being good. It makes us question the purpose of our lives, What  are we here? What makes us good? 

What happens if we are bad? When people  believe in the soul then they feel they have to be good to achieve the afterlife of  heaven and eternal happiness.  

In the yoga world I would think that the soul would be part of finding  enlightenment. Through the journey of letting go of worldly desires, acquisitions and temptations. You then start to focus on our purpose on this earth. 


Enlightenment would help focus on the soul, through meditation and practice if quiet the noise of the world. This would allow the time to search for your soul. 

When we are aware of our souls, we focus on acting in ways to be a better person.  We want to make our souls have joy. 


Through that journey we are better people.  My belief is that we have a soul, even if we are wrong, the desire to be good and act  in ways that make our souls pure. Just makes us better humans. 

If in the end there is  a heaven or hell or not, as in many religious beliefs. At least while we were on the  earth we have acted in ways that makes us give the world and make it a better place.  


Yoga practice brings one to a place of quiet, self-reflection, and balance. 

Through  this practice you are able to be the best version of yourself. As part of that is our  spiritual journey and how we conduct ourselves in everyday life.  

The souls would  tend to flourish with this environment just as a body would flourish from eating,  well, sleeping, and exercise. For full body health we need all aspects of our lives to be  healthy. The soul being healthy will enable an overall healthy body.