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Vancouver is one healthiest cities in Canada, to mean people eat healthier and exercise more in Vancouver. Yoga (and yoga teacher training) is also practiced more here, it’s the yoga capital of Canada.

The most important thing when it comes to the treatment of diseases is information. When it comes to yoga’s health benefits, all though they are well documented, much lacks in the way of research for it as a cure for anything.

Yoga is not a substitute for prescribed medical regimes, however it works extraordinary well as a complimentary system for wellbeing.


Some things we do know about Yoga’s Power are as follows:

For those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Yoga’s ability to regulate cortisol levels can be a major benefit. The increase in relaxation and reduction of stress will put the body into its natural healing rhythm.

Cancer is devastating, and there is much misinformation about how to treat it. Yoga, one study showed, helped woman who had finished their cancer treatments reduce inflammation and pain.

Another studied showed that yoga helped reduce Sleep problems associated with cancer treatment. This is another example of how yoga can we applied well as a compliment to regular medical practices.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune condition with several devastating side effects. One review of 7 studies in 2014 showed that Yoga may have short-term benefits in relieving fatigue and improving mood in people with MS.

Cardiovascular disease is all too common in the west. A lazy and sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of Cardiovascular disease. As yoga is a form of exercise, it may assist in reducing one’s risk of heart problems as well as potentially lover HDL cholesterol in the blood. Anything that safely reduces one’s risk of premature death should be considered a helpful tool.

Diabetes rates are on the rise all across North America. This condition affects the blood sugar regulation of the body. A 2017 evaluation of 23 studies showed that Yoga practice was associated with better blood sugar control in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.


Yoga is an exceptionally powerful tool for physical and mental wellbeing. When used in conjunction with healthy life choices, and prescribed medical advice it can help one heal. Yoga should not be seen as the cure for any disease, rather as a power tool in assisting our bodies natural journey back to health.