Pavela - UK

Everything about my yoga teacher training was cool. Becoming a yoga teacher has been a goal for a long time and now that I have done the program, I realize how much the teachers in the program openness and patience help me to find that voice -  I knew I had -  inside of me and that I draw on so much now, as a yoga teacher.

Jen - UK

My training forced me to get real with me, and this is what the yoga training with Dharma Yoga really did for me. I feel now as a teacher I can teach from  a place that comes from my soul. This is priceless!


Anne - Canada

My experience with Dharma Yoga was positive, fun and amazing. The ytt was a perfect mix of both practical and theory and it allowed me to develop my personal practice  and it also provided me with the knowledge required to deeply understand the philosophies of yoga in a way I am able to now teach them to others.

Daniel - Canada

I loved my yoga training with Dharma Yoga, I feel it helped build my passion for yoga even more. The level of teaching has helped me  to gain the confidence in teaching. I believe this YTT is just the start of my yoga journey. 

Karbo - Spain

My yoga teacher training was a transformative experience.  I feel confident now in my ability to teach a yoga class,  not just the poses but  in a centered way that connects the mind and body. I honestly was a yoga skeptic when I arrived at my ytt and left knowing the truth that  I am a soul in a body.

Steve - UK

What I got the most out of the program,  is to being kind to myself, even when I feel I have not done my best.  Aside to this, I feel yoga is my calling and  I am in the process of taking my advance yoga  teacher training now and intend on making yoga my career, this all to the thanks of Dharma Yoga.


Janet- UK

The yoga teachers at Dharma Yoga were knowledgeable, kind and approachable.   The entire yoga teacher training experience exceeded my expectations. Not only did I deepened my own personal practice, but I also learned about anatomy, philosophy and poses. I am so grateful for this program, best decision I ever made. 

Olivia - Mexico 

I found my teaching voice doing this program and I am forever grateful for this.

Jenny - UK

The Dharma Yoga yoga teacher training experience was great, it is one of the most fun things I  have ever done. 

Kathy - USA 

The training with Dharma helped me to gain confidence to teach yoga and this allowed me to leave my career as nurse to purse my dream of being a yin yoga teacher.