When I first started going to yoga in Vancouver I never thought I would end up doing a yoga teacher training.

I loved yoga in how it makes me feel the warm, pulsating feeling after a particularly intense class and the relaxed body and stress-free mind after a nourishing restorative class. The practice means a lot more to me now than when I first started.


I see yoga as a journey to a deeper connection to self; body, mind, and soul. I realize that yoga postures are a grounding force for our bodies, connecting us and bringing intimacy in the relationships we have with ourselves, and with Mother Earth

When we feel grounded, we can let go, flow more easily, our muscles release more easily, and we can feel our emotions more deeply. We can relax and surrender through grounding into our bodies and the earth. 

Through yoga we cultivate a connection to the supreme energy of the divine, helping us realize that we are this energy, and it is us.

Yoga is an inner mirror, showing us our deepest selves and giving us a guide to ultimate self-acceptance and self-love. We can explore the darkness inside of ourselves through yoga, learning to accept those 


parts. Through yoga we feel an interconnection; a feeling that we are part of a whole instead of completely separate from others. 

Through this feeling of connection we learn to be more empathetic, compassionate, and kind because we see ourselves in everyone we encounter.

Yoga to me is all about cultivating presence. Through conscious movement, conscious breathing and meditation, we open the door to being completely in the moment. 

Being in the moment feels blissful when your mind is open and free and prana moves through you easily. 

Yoga brings me more into alignment with who I really am as being in the moment pulls away any distracting problems, stresses, or beliefs so I can truly see who is underneath it all. 

This process of sifting through worldly problems is very cleansing to the body and mind.


Yoga is teaching me that the characteristics I look for outside of myself, really only come from within. 

When I look outside myself for feelings of freedom, love, self-confidence, and relaxation, I am going to be perpetually disappointed as all of these feelings come from within myself, within the boundless source energy that I am, the endless creative essence that is the universe.


As much as yoga is a philosophy and lifestyle, I do believe that it is a series of techniques that bring balance and unity to all aspects of the self. 

We can find our life purpose through the practice of yoga, as we are laid bare before ourselves, letting us take a profound look at why we are here.


There is so much to explore in the practice of yoga. As we master asanas, deepen our pranayama, and have profound meditation experiences, we are cultivating a journey to blissful consciousness. 

Through the teaching of yoga we are sharing a path to all the things that you could ever want, all inside yourself.