Hard To Describe

It’s hard to describe what the soul really is, but I think that is the beauty of it. You can take a yoga teacher training course in Vancouver or wherever and learn what it is. Not everything in this world can be explained, yet we can still know it exists. In the video, “What is the Soul”, they mention how love is very similar in this way. 

We cannot put into words the exact feeling that love is but we all have felt it in our hearts. They mentioned God as well, even as a concept you cannot define who God is or what God means. There’s no way you could narrow down the soul to a few words as it really is indescribable. 


The incredibly vague nature of the soul is a mystery some spend their whole lives trying to solve, but is that really the point? 

I believe that our soul is a gift to show us that we do not need all of the answers to find happiness within our lives. Sometimes we can just enjoy things as they are without picking apart and analyzing every aspect of it, and our soul can teach us that time and again.  


The soul is an energetic signature of sorts, although it is written with invisible ink. Everyone’s soul is unique to who we are and helps guide us through life, yet we have no clue where our soul will take us. 

Our soul somehow allows us to connect with who we truly, authentically are without giving us any straight answers. It helps guide us along our journey. It gives us nudges to follow steps within a plan we, ourselves, will only see in hindsight. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in having control over the situations you go through in life and I think that’s why many of us seek to define the soul. 


People do not usually do well in circumstances they have no power over and trying to pin the soul down is one of them. 

As I said before, I do believe this is one of the universe’s many tests! There is so much in this world that cannot be defined, that’s what makes it so magical! If we as humans can get passed our “need to know” we can just enjoy the soul for what it brings into our energetic field.  

Another cute little quirk our soul seems to have, is that it needs complete silence to be truly heard. It will not compete with our minds or our egos. We can choose to create silence for our soul to speak by  following our heart, or our soul may create silence for us by hardship, stressful experiences and emotional pain. 

Like a loving and patient guardian, it can whisper soft lullabies of compassion but when intervention is necessary it puts it’s foot down. Our soul always seems to know what’s best for us at the time even if we ourselves cannot see it, and will always steer us into necessary growth. 

A Sense

I guess in this sense, our soul could best be described as our inner teacher. It is a part of us but we don’t quite have full recognition of it. There is no way to fully grasp what our soul beholds but there are many ways of indulging it. 

When we follow our hearts, meditate and create joy in the now we are celebrating our soul for what it is presenting us in this moment. By embodying inner love and acceptance of what we can and cannot see we catch glimmers of what the authentic soul represents. By acknowledging our soul we bring it to life, feeling its entirety and it is no longer necessary to describe.