Enlightenment means to be open-minded, free of risks and dreams and feeling at peace

Enlightenment is about be awaken of all the possibilities around us and having ourselves take the path we are meant to do. 

It’s about seeing yourself as who you are and accepting it, and understanding it’s natural and awakening aspect. 


Being able to feel happiness, joy and compassion for no reason at all is the realization of enlightenment coming to you. 

When I used to think of enlightenment I thought it was something to do with peace of mind and relaxation, the more I discovered, enlightenment is about commitment and focus, and giving your effort to accept it. 

Being in Vancouver now doing an online yoga teacher training during the COVID-19 pandemic,I realize enlightenment is about accepting the changes in your life for the better, not about leaving everything behind that makes you happy, but finding a new and better path for yourself. 


Imagination and dreaming is key to bring focus on enlightenment into your life. 

Using our conscious minds and forgiving those who did us wrong, or accepting the things that have happened to ourselves, the way the mind experiences these issues can determine the way we react and view the world around us. 

Incorporating these thoughts into our conscious minds helps us slowly become the person we desire to be. 

Using our minds and souls to understand our ways instead of guidance from others for enlightenment but to enlighten ourselves through ourselves and our own journey. 


Freedom allows us to bring enlightenment into our lives and accept our past and go through the world in an open mind. Overlooking our suffering and finding the truth of life. 

Humans are drawn to our selfish egos and our wants, by taking that away and incorporating the peace, it allows us to understand our feelings and imagination by disregarding the negativity and bringing enlightenment within. 

Visualizing our imagination and dreams instead of our realities helps us grow our enlightenment conscious by following what we want instead of being discouraged that we can’t. 


Removing our suffering and bringing our knowledge into ourselves that we are all the same and no one is better then the other. 

Enlightenment is about being in the middle, feeling at ease with our live and those around us, accepting the nature and understandings of what is happening with no result of guilt or shame but forgiveness. 


My clear understanding of enlightenment is thinking of bad things in my life right now. Things I wish never happened, regretting incidents and wanting to redo it all.

Enlightenment is focusing on those terrible things and meditating about them, thinking about how those things make me feel and understanding the lessons made of where I am now.

Seeing the positiveness in the situation and accepting them all, beginning to think of them as good things that have happened in my life. This is what enlightenment means to me.