Leap of Faith

 You can take a yoga teacher training course in Vancouver to learn yoga philosophy, but in the end it takes a leap of logic to connect the notion of bliss with the end of your soul’s journey. The reason that Buddha describes it as bliss is because enlightenment is the gaining of all universal wisdom. 

With the ability to see all possible outcomes and see through all of the maya (ignorance), you cannot falter. You are filled with love and compassion. To be enlightened is to love without attachment. 


To be compassionate without strings attached. To be blissful without fearing its end. There is a reason that the Buddha was described as the “all-knowing One.” By knowing all and seeing all, he was able to love all beyond measure. In that vein, enlightenment is pure, unfiltered love.  

 With the destruction of the ego comes oneness with the past, present, future and all sentient beings in all planes of existence. 

This oneness is the core essence of enlightenment. What we don’t realize as ego-riddled, desire-driven human beings is that when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. When we love others, we love ourselves. 


When we give to others, we give to ourselves. This is because the greatest illusion and the biggest lie that we have been sold is that there is a separation between us and others. 

There is no separation. We are all part of the unified whole. When the ego is destroyed, when “I am” no longer exists, when the false wall between yourself and others is torn down, what exists in that space is love and compassion

The nature of the universe is love. This is why love vibrates at a higher frequency than hate. This is why love feels better than hate. This is why we aspire to be “in love” and not “in hate.” We were built to love and to be loved. 


Enlightenment is truth. It is the stripping away of ignorance (maya) and shining the light of truth into the void. Enlightenment is seeing the world for what it is—the good, the bad, the ugly—and loving it anyway. 

Enlightenment is the pure light of clarity and wisdom. It is bliss because we see the world for what it is but we are no longer attached to it. We no longer desire or lust, and are instead filled with contentment and love. It is our soul’s liberation from the endless cycle of karma and rebirth. Ultimately, enlightenment is freedom