Who Am I

A soul is myself, who I am, and my true nature. I believe that every single person has their own spirit as well other than a soul. A soul is your personality, mind, and thoughts. The soul is calm and unbreakable. 

Regardless if you live in Vancouver or London, the soul lives inside every single person. I want to believe that I have a nice soul. Practicing yoga or doing a yoga teacher training you learn we can control the soul fully in body and mind and that is how people are living. 


In my country some people say that the soul is visible, and it is like breathing creature. It is believed that your soul still exists after your death. I believe that you could get stuck or lost if you don’t believe your soul because your soul will send you lessons and messages to guide your life. 


I sometimes wonder who I really am or what my purpose is. I hope that my love and kindness are coming from the real me (my soul), because my love is unconditional. I believe that your soul is your true self and it is always inside of you and invisible. 

The soul is like your own spirit, but I think you cannot really control the soul and it is like a sense of your life while spirit is more like the power of life.

I am not sure there is a true definition as everyone has their own idea or belief on what a soul is to them. In the bible it is said that your soul is connected to God


We all want to be happy and succeed, and the idea is always in your head. I often feel that I tend to organize my life and the idea is coming from my own soul and will. 

It seems better to me if I listen to my soul. Life seems to get harder and complicated if I don’t listen and be gentle to my own inner voice. 

Soul and energy are essential to live and I learned from yoga practice that getting closer to your body, mind, and getting connected with your own soul is the way to find who you really are. 

Yoga practice taught me to listen to my own body and mind. It is a similar idea to listen to your soul. Health in general, emotion and physical health will get better if you do. 

Yoga practice has also taught me how important it is to be myself. I think that the better you know yourself; it is easier to make decisions to improve your life. 


The soul is a spiritual lesson for who we are and always keeps reminding us that our lives have meaning and purpose. I believe that our soul becomes hungry and needs to be fed if we do not take care of it very well. 

I want to respect my own soul and never harm it because my soul provides me direction with inner voice to remind me how I can become a better person. My soul is my big source of energy and life force. 


It is my spiritual health and I like to keep paying attention to who I am and listen to my soul. It is my job to nurture my gift “soul” and spirit.  My soul is a part of myself.