Vancouver and the world are places of chaos. Instead of appreciating the advances that we have  made over the years, we are becoming greedier.  

As society we are stressed with  work, timelines, children, material acquisitions, matrimonial expectations. 

This  stress makes us sick, tired and angry. We are searching consciously for answers to  these feelings, we buy more stuff, eat more food, drink more alcohol, have affairs,  hurt others,   


Enlightenment is when a person finds their spiritual purpose, through practice of  medication, yoga, or selflessness. 

This is a daily practice is a conscious practice that  helps the person to let the worldly desires go. It shows the individual what is  important, which is not all the material worries we have.  Amazon is the enemy,  keeping our instant gratification addiction going.  

In the video” Enlighten Up”, we see a journalist trying to find the meaning to  enlightenment. He tries many forms of yoga practice to find this enlightenment.

He  is not convinced by many of the practices. However, you see through the various practices that people find this enlightens through different forms. Some of the yoga practices felt cult like to him and made him uncomfortable.  


I think as in any spiritual practice, you need to fund what works for you and makes  you comfortable.  

It may take time to find the perfect community for your journey.  The reason not many people find enlighten is that they are not willing to put the  work into working on the growth. We are a society that expects instant satisfaction. 


This is why we cheat, eat junk and worry.  We have to let go of our old practices and  trust the process.  

When people do find enlightenment, they often say they find complete joy. This joy  is probably from letting go of material goals. Goal seeking creates constant striving  to meet the next goal.  

The problem with the enlightenment movement it has been taken over by  commercialism as everything else. You can find your journey with a commercial.

So  the problem is you do not know if the journey you are starting is with true believers  all the time. I feel the journey before was a long one.

You would start in a small place and build your way up. Now like so many things you can have insta-enlightenment.  We want everything to be easy and this is one area that is not. This is why so many  people do not have it.  


Society as a whole is a sick society; we rely on food, drugs, moving, and money, to  keep us going. We do not know how to slow down and heal. If we feel sick mentally  or physically we run to a doctor for s quick fix. 

What the world needs is to stop  indulging. When we focus on healthy food, active lifestyle, quiet moments and  general a healthy lifestyle.  

Taking a journey of true enlighten, I think would be a long, tough journey. It will  have big lows as you detox from the norm. It will have crying, loneliness and  isolation. As many others will not understand the journey you are partaking in.  


However, when the journey reaches enlightenment it must be a fascinating and  fulfilling journey. Filled with joy and peace. I am hoping my journey though yoga – via yoga teacher training  – will  introduce me to the ideas of enlightenment and give me some of the benefits.