The soul is something that is distinctively different within all of us, but I believe the soul is something that all living things have. I believe that our souls are what keep us all connected. And allows us to experience things that move us, inspire us, and experience joy. 


Our soul is a separate entity that allows us to navigate through life. It allows us to connect to our purpose and to other living beings around us. It is in my belief what pulls us to obtain enlightenment

When I did my yoga teacher training in Vancouver, I learned when enlightenment is reached our soul is what is experiencing this process and our thoughts and understanding become shifted as a result in a way that greater connects us to ourselves and others around us. 


I believe that under the right conditions our soul can guide us to do great things. However not all of us will have the privilege to live in these ‘right conditions’. That’s where I believe it is the responsibility of those who are in these right conditions to recognize and support others to have the ability to experience and be connected to these conditions. 


Many people in our society are forced to put this aside. This is so they can maintain their basic needs are met. And they are so overwhelmed by the standards and situations they are placed in by society that they can’t even begin to imagine creating time and space to connect with their soul. 

This type of social injustice is what creates people to compartmentalize their wholistic well-being. This separates themselves into what they can fundamentally care for and typically this is just caring for their physical being, their mental, emotional and spiritual (soul) become an after thought to ensuring they are cared for. 


I believe especially with COVID-19 shedding light to the lack of consideration for these other aspects of one’s well-being. There is the potential for a shift to build a greater emphasis on peoples well being are taken care of.  

We are beginning to see an emphasis on ‘mental health’, and I believe along with mental health emotional and spiritual well being have a likelier chance of being explored. 

But without a stronger push for this many people are not able to connect with their soul

Previously religion was something that allowed individuals to ‘look inward’ or connect with the soul. 


But with so many twisting religion into an agenda for something other than what it was originally intended.

For many people have begun to reject religion and have not replaced it with anything else that still allows them to take the time to connect to the spiritual aspects of who they are in fact, they at times reject the idea that anyone has a soul at all. 

I believe the rejecting of spirituality is what is a decline of peoples mental/emotional health.