students doing yoga outside on Vancovuer's north shore mountains

COVID-19 & Vancouver’s Yoga Studios

The year 2020 came with a wave of unprecedented changes for Vancouver, a city with a deeply rooted and vibrant yoga culture. As COVID-19 began to unfold, local yoga studios, once buzzing with activity and positive energy, were compelled to silence their spaces. An abrupt pause echoed across our resilient yoga community as strict health safety protocols were imposed. This unforeseen halt in physical gatherings introduced an unsettling air of uncertainty to yoga practitioners, instructors, and studio owners alike.

The Immediate Effects on Yoga Studios

With the mandated closure of public gathering spaces, yoga studios found themselves impacted significantly. Local health authorities imposing safety measures led to an instant transformation – energetic community hubs that were once full of life were turned into deserted rooms. These silent, empty studios stood as stark reminders of the global health crisis we were all grappling with, leaving a profound impact on the city’s thriving yoga scene.

yyoga studio in VancouverAdapting to the New Normal: Virtual Platforms

In the face of adversity, yoga studios began to pivot, embracing the potential of the digital world. They quickly moved to shift their classes online, accommodating home practice for dedicated yogis. The idea of Zoom yoga classes, previously unheard of, became the new normal for many practitioners. Additionally, online workshops, digital teacher training sessions, and web-based community events provided a much-needed sense of continuity and connection amidst the isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Reimagining Yoga Practice in the Time of COVID

As studios adapted to the virtual environment, yoga instructors found innovative ways to continue delivering beneficial practices to their students. Many turned to emphasizing the spiritual aspects of yoga, encouraging practitioners to turn inwards during these uncertain times. The focus shifted towards pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and mindfulness practices, promoting wellness, balance, and inner peace in a time of global upheaval and personal anxiety.

The Financial Impact on Yoga Studios

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial financial impact on Vancouver’s yoga studios. With the cancellation of in-person classes, studios experienced an immediate and significant drop in income. In response, many studios had to think outside the box and turned to crowdfunding campaigns, online donations, and virtual class subscriptions to stay afloat. These challenging times have showcased the resilience, resourcefulness, and unity of the Vancouver yoga community.

Semperviva Yoga Sea Studio now closed in Vancouver

Looking Ahead: The Future of Yoga in a Post-COVID World

In the wake of the pandemic, yoga studios are now slowly starting to reopen their doors with rigorous safety measures in place. These include smaller classes to maintain physical distancing, stringent sanitation protocols, and pre-registration systems to limit the number of students. Additionally, many studios continue to offer online classes, catering to those who have grown to prefer the convenience and safety of practicing from their homes.


COVID-19 has undeniably left a lasting mark on yoga studios in Vancouver. However, this challenging chapter has also served as a testament to the yoga community’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication. Despite the trials and changes, Vancouver’s yoga practitioners and teachers remain hopeful and committed to their spiritual and physical practice. The yoga community continues to navigate these uncertain times, bolstered by the strength, tranquility, and unity that yoga provides, reminding us all that even in stillness, there is life.